Lolina, Inc. is a healthcare and public health consultancy. We work with clients to strengthen essential components of the healthcare system to achieve improved population health.

Lolina works with clients in partnership to appreciate their unique needs. We partner with individuals, teams, programs, organizations, and health systems to recognize barriers to efficiency and effectiveness, and to generate customized solutions through interactive and engaged problem-solving.

Lolina Philosophy

We believe that chronic disease, health equity and effective healthcare services utilization are the top priorities that face our healthcare system today — and that effective leadership is the key to all successful individuals, teams, programs, organizations, and systems. We embrace the visions of a healthier tomorrow by providing consultation that strengthens services and programs to achieve the TRIPLE AIM: Improved population health, improved quality of care, and reduced costs. When all aspects of the healthcare system align limit resources to improve the health status of individuals — especially among underserved populations — the overall health status of our communities will improve.


About Kim Boyd, President


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Kim Boyd founded Lolina in 2012. With nearly 20 years of experience, she has provided direct healthcare as a Registered Nurse and Nurse Practitioner in hospital and public health settings. Additionally, Kim’s background includes leadership, management and coaching roles, as well as strategic planning, program development and evaluation.

Specifically, as a public nurse, Kim serves as a high-risk perinatal case manager, family planning and cancer screening R.N. and Nurse Practitioner, and chronic disease and HIV screening and precognition program manager. Additionally, as a graduate of the Regional Institute of Health and Environmental Leadership (RIHEL) Advanced Leadership Training Program, Kim has been a volunteer coach for RIHEL and the Colorado Center for Nursing Excellence Longer Term Care HRSA grant, as well as a volunteer mentor for the Colorado Public Health Association. Kim is passionate about developing clinical linkages between public health and primary care and other non-traditional community partners in order to achieve optimal health for communities. She is also an ardent for advancing everyday leadership developing for public health nurse and other members of the health care team.

Kim holds a B.A. in politcal science — with minors in philosophy and business — from the University of South Carolina; she earned a M.S. in Women’s Healthcare Nurse Practitioner and a Doctor of Nursing degree from the University of Colorado, Denver.



About Rita Beam


Rita is a nurse with more than four decades of diverse experience in both public health as well as the acute care system. Rita’s expertise includes, but is not limited to, perinatal / maternal / child health, Affordable Care Act implementation, reducing health disparities and impacting population based health outcomes. Her recent management experience for a large urban local public health agency has broadened her expertise in community engagement, health care access and healthcare work force development. She has developed and served on community coalitions, served on multiple executive boards, and held leadership position in public health nursing and state initiatives.

Rita also has a passion for mentoring and coaching healthcare leaders, facilitating positive change through strategic planning and leveraging capacity through community partnerships. She is adept at building on organizational strengths to identify realistic solutions.

Rita is a graduate of the Advanced Leadership Training Program of the Regional Institute of Health and Environmental Leadership (RIHEL). Her professional memberships include Colorado Nurses Association, Public Health Nurses Association of Colorado, Colorado Public Health Association, founding member and past chair of the South Metro Health Alliance, founding board member of Aurora Health Alliance, and board member of the Asian Health Alliance of Colorado. A full resumé and references are available upon request.